6 Beginner-Friendly Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most loved sports among the masses with dominating viewership numbers across the world. Millions of people put their money at risk every day, betting on the sport in the hope of a profitable return. With countless online wagering platforms, the cricket betting industry allows enthusiasts to make money effortlessly.

Betting is, however, not as easy as it looks and can be quite challenging for a beginner to earn good profits. That is because, in addition to knowledge about the sport, a lot of other factors also play an important role in deciding the outcome of a game, including weather conditions, the nature of the pitch, emotional control, the odds, etc. It is therefore important to be familiar with the different aspects of the sport to earn good profits.

This list discusses 6 important tips for t20 world cup today match to keep in mind as a beginner to get better profits in cricket betting.

  • Don’t Settle, Shop Around

With countless bookmakers and betting platforms available on the internet, it has become very difficult to differentiate between the reliable and the fraudulent ones. Not every website online is safe to bet on. There is no point in winning bets if you are unable to cash out profits from third-party platforms. That is why you should spend time researching the different available platforms before sticking to one.

While looking for a website for betting, you should choose one that is authentic, reputable, and gives good returns. Stay away from platforms claiming unrealistic results with zero risks involved. An authentic platform is always crisp with its communication and isn’t notorious for spamming your notifications with advertisements. Look for features such as data security, a user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support so that you get immediate assistance in case of any problems or issues.

  • Research About Different Formats Of The Sport

Although it might sound obvious, but the number of people losing money because of their lack of knowledge about the sport is pretty high. Before you decide to step into the betting game, be sure to research the sport and its different formats, and practice improvising strategies and plans with the changing formats. Having extensive knowledge about Test Cricket, One Day International, and T20 International, with their rules will help you make logical conclusions accordingly. 

Pro tip: Betting on T20 matches can be a great start for a beginner to earn profits while gaining knowledge about the various aspects of the industry, as it is the shortest format of cricket.

  • Take Assistance From The Handicappers

Handicappers are professionals in the betting industry who give their insight into a game in exchange for money. They are people with years of experience with betting in a particular sport and give out the best possible advice after analyzing tons of data and figures from reliable sources.

A lot of people who bet on cricket do not have the luxury of giving out hours of time and effort into researching hundreds of facts and statistics before placing a bet. That is when the role of handicappers comes into play, these experts using their years worth of knowledge give the best possible tips for maximum returns. 

  • Don’t Go All Out

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a beginner is by putting your entire money on a single bet. The enormous return might look attractive, but your lack of knowledge can double down the loss pretty quickly. Betting isn’t easy, it is a game full of uncertainties and risks, and even people with years of experience are not sure of their moves either. It is, therefore, advised to start your betting journey with smaller bets and slowly pave your way to the higher, riskier bets. It enables you to build your bankroll while learning about the various aspects of the industry.

  • Consider Home Advantage

Home-field advantage refers to the innate benefits a team playing on the home ground has over the other. The effect of home crowd support directly impacts the players’ performance, and there is also a sense of familiarity among the home teams in terms of location, ground, pitch, etc. Home teams acclimatize better to the weather conditions, while the road teams take time adjusting to the heat and vice-versa. Additionally, overcoming the time-zone differences is something every athlete struggles with, and the team traveling has to deal with jet lag and fatigue. The home teams escape the disadvantages that come with extended periods of traveling across continents.

  • Avoid Betting On Longer Formats

Test matches usually go on for a period of 3-5 days with each team playing more than one inning. Betting on long-format matches can get a little tricky for beginners because it is mostly a test of endurance and patience. External factors such as weather conditions have a lot more control over test matches in comparison to T20 cricket. Betting on test cricket demands a more extensively researched strategy than the other shorter cricket formats.

  • Look Into The Venue

Just like the impact of different kinds of pitches in cricket, the venue also plays a significant role in determining the final outcome of a game. With the varying shapes and sizes of cricket stadiums across different parts of the world, the same shot can have different outcomes. For instance, stadiums with a greater area and sharp square boundaries 

give a lower number of boundary shorts, while the smaller stadiums that are oval in shape favour the batsmen by maximizing the number of boundary shots.

Betting doesn’t guarantee positive results every time, so be prepared to face losses and acknowledge the failures as a part of your long journey. If you are in it to make quick cash, you are signing up for a big loss. Keep your emotions in check, as it is always smart to take a break instead of falling into the cycle of chasing your losses. Betting is a tool to build your bankroll using the power of compounding. So, do not get distracted by shortcuts and build a long-term strategy that works for you.

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