Vivun raised $75M led by Salesforce for UiPath & Snowflake Customers

Vivun, founded and built by Matt Darrow, is a company that helps to define a new category in software, which tends to get the attention of the fund investors. Darrow gained his experiences from working in pre-sales at Zuora. His belief regarding the huge offers needed by an organization from their pre-sales team and the absence of software to capture that idea, made him create Vivun.

Vivun is fundamentally sound at present and rapidly growing, according to Darrow. He thinks that the core of the entire experience lies in the fact that they are able to grow and establish themselves as a business that has hugely great metrics and fundamentals. He also added how the company is leaning towards bigger opportunities.

Among the several metric milestones achieved, Darrow chose to mention how the company grew ARR over 4x in its most recent working year and the fact that they surpassed the count of 100 employees, along with witnessing an increase in the customer count by over 160%. Important customers of the company include Genesys, UiPath, and Snowflake, among several others.

Though he didn’t show interest in discussing the exact numbers of the acquired revenue from that 4x ARR growth, Darrow gave out a strong hint about him building a substantial company. He depicted that they are in the phase of their journey where their primary objective throughout the next year shall be to find a way to get around the amount of $30 million in ARR, hence, that is the place they are in based on size and scope.

Salesforce Ventures is the company that is leading the investments for funding Vivun in this round. Paul Drews, the partner of Salesforce Ventures and the head of US investments there, explained the importance of a company like Vivun, as they help in pushing sales during a time when the traditional methods of sales are drastically transforming into buyer-driven procedures. With the focus of Salesforce lying massively on sales, their investment from its venture arm is quite sensible if given thought.

The startup recently surpassed 140 employees and is hoping to cross 200 by the end of the year. As per Darrow’s statements, the company has a dynamic HR team to help operate the DEI initiatives, unlike when he founded it in 2019. He further added how being distributed up to 100% really comes in helps their business. To add to the news, he mentioned that they already have employed people based in 10 different countries.

This recent $75 million investment has been received from the Series C funding round of the company. Adding to the lead investor Salesforce Ventures, there was a new investor joining the funding procedure, Tiger Global. Besides, raises were also made from prior investors like Unusual Ventures, Accel and Menlo Ventures. The company is reported to have raised about $131 million in total from all the investments made through funding.