A Guide On Women’s Boots

Boots are a true staple in every woman’s wardrobe. After appearing around the year 1000 BC as a three-part ensemble: a sole, an upper, and a legging wrapped around legs, they were only men’s thing.

Women didn’t start wearing boots until the 19th century. In the 1960s, boots were considered high fashion. Women’s boot history has been quite eventful since then.

Boots are one of the most versatile footwear pieces as they can be worn over anything from winter coats and jeans to summer dresses. However, buying the best boots for women can be a daunting task. However, you can refer to this guide to make your search smooth.

Types of Boots and How to Wear Them

There are a variety of shaft and heel heights available for boots. Manufacturers name women’s boots after the foot and leg area they cover. The different types of boots for women include:

Ankle Boots

This sort of women’s boot, as the name implies, wraps over your ankle for an attractive and versatile fit. Everyone should have a couple of ankle boots in their closet since they can be dressed up or down for every occasion.

Ankle boots come in various heel heights, making them easy to style up or down. They look fantastic when worn with a flowery midi skirt and jeans jacket, denim, and a silky blouse for a smart-casual approach.

Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots bring spice to simple clothes while being daring and surprisingly easy to wear. But, of course, this style of women’s boot terminates just above the thigh, making it the ideal match for slim jeans, a pretty silky cami, and a leather coat.

This shoe style is ideal for the winter months since it keeps your legs toasty while giving a casual edge to your outfit.

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High-Knee Boots

As you might expect, Knee-high boots fall underneath the leg and are an excellent alternative for the colder months. They’ll keep your knees warm and cosy while still safeguarding your feet from aspects, looking great.

A flowery tea dress, kimono, and Asian – style knee-high boots create a boho-chic outfit. A simple puffer jacket, oversized tee, and denim pants with a pair of these fashionable women’s boots can create a more winter-appropriate style.

Calf Boots

Calf boots, which sit higher up the calves than the typical ankle boot, provide extra coverage and are ideal for the colder months—looking for the perfect women’s boot style to wear when running errands in the cold? You should wear flat calf boots.

Combine them with thick stockings, a wrap skirt, and a long-sleeved roll neck blouse for the ideal autumnal ensemble, and finish with your favourite look for a stylish day-to-night appearance.

Wedge Boots

Wedge boots are the best option for women who want to increase elevation without the agony of a thinner heel. From ankle boots to knee-high possibilities, there are many different wedge heel types to choose from.

They’re also a terrific alternative for going straight from the office to a pub for cocktails.

Snow Boots

As the name implies, snow boots keep feet dry and warm in the snow while also offering traction in treacherous weather. Snow boots are designed with practicality in mind over fashion, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish.

They’ll give you the courage to flaunt your style even if the streets are icy and snowy. This combination is effortlessly fashionable with comfortable leggings, a thick knit sweater, and a faux-fur trim parka.