Academic Writing – Do’s and Don’ts for Students

Assignments and assessments are an inevitable part of academics. Especially when it comes to higher levels of academics, assignments play a critical role in determining the grade points of students. Hence, students must pay attention to the task of academic writing. Taking the task of academic writing lightly may impact your academic portfolio negatively.

It should be noted that proper academic writing skills prove to be the foundation of optimum performance in professional life as well. Sometimes students don’t know tips that can help them articulate properly created assignments that are capable of capturing the attention of teachers and expressing their intelligence.

We have put together a list of “Dos and Don’ts” to help students prepare perfect assignments and secure higher grade points. Scroll down to know more about these dos and don’ts:

Do’s of Academic Writing

Here are some dos of academic writing that you must consider while writing assignments or thesis.

Do Adequate Research

Regardless of the purpose and scope of a write-up, a writer needs to ensure proper research before writing anything, especially when it is related to academics. Make sure you have found the right resources that are capable of providing you with credible facts, figures, and quotations.

Adequate research is necessary if you want to come up with a proper narrative in your academic submission and create a good impression in your teacher’s mind. Hence, it is important to do research from multiple credible resources and cross-check the takeaways from your research for authenticity.

Do Add a Thesis Statement

The inclusion of a thesis statement in your academic write-up is a must. A thesis statement plays the role of an anchor to the entire writing and defines the purpose of writing properly for the ease of readers. The job of a thesis statement is to enclose the main point of any academic writing in a single sentence or phrase.

It also helps the writer to define the scope of the writing. Hence, readers can easily understand the scope and objective of specific writing upon reading the thesis statement. Otherwise, the reader will stay confused till the very end. Moreover, the writer will also find it difficult to conclude the writing on a legible statement.

Do Check Plagiarism

We know how important it is for students to keep their academic write-ups plagiarism-free. Manually, trying to ensure content is a challenging task and requires a lot of time and effort. Additionally, a manual check for plagiarism still doesn’t ensure 100% results. The best way to check plagiarism in your academic document is by using a reliable plagiarism checker.

The tool should be capable of properly highlighting the duplicate content and providing its source. You can find such a tool here: Once you know the section of your writing with plagiarised sentences or phrases, you can easily remove plagiarism with the help of manual paraphrasing or a paraphrasing tool.

Don’ts of Academic Writing

Like the dos of academic writing, there are some don’ts as well. You need to keep these don’ts of academic writing in your mind for effective academic submissions. Further details are given below:

Don’t Include Too Many Quotations

It is understandable that including a few quotations in your academic writing is necessary to support your narrative in the writing. However, some students try to include too many quotations in their academic write-ups, which further becomes a problem. Instead of making your write-up more meaningful, adding a large number of quotations will result in a counter effect.

You will find it challenging to express your narrative in writing clearly and conclude your writing on a meaningful note for readers. Moreover, too many quotations in your academic submission will be the reason behind duplicate content that will be well over the allowed limit by your instructor.

Don’t Overlook the Formatting Instructions

Many students fail to secure expected grade points after submitting their academic write-ups because of failure to adhere to the formatting instructions given by the instructor. You will fail to create a good impression if your content is not formatted according to the instructions, no matter how much effort you have put into writing it.

While there are multiple popular formatting styles, such as APA, MMA, Harvard, and Chicago styles. You need to format your content according to the formatting style recommended by your instructor. Some instructors are too strict with formatting styles and don’t accept any other type of formatting style except the one recommended by them. Hence, failing to submit your assignments in the recommended formatting style will make you lose valuable grade points.

End Note!

While we have discussed some important dos and don’ts in detail above. You should make sure that you submit your academic write-ups after proper proofreading to create a good impression and secure good grade points. We hope this writing will be helpful for you. We wish you luck with your studies!