Adding Health & Fitness to Your South Carolina Vacation

Planning a vacation to South Carolina?

You couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful state that offers almost every delight you could find in other states. 

There’s a lot to feast your senses on, from sun-draped shores and evergreen parks to the mountainous north and sprawling southern fields dotted with bales of hay.

But there’s one thing that can dampen your experience.

Staying healthy and in shape while traveling is known to be a challenge. Your schedule on a trip isn’t the same, nor is the environment. 

It’s easy to find yourself abandoning healthy practices throughout your stay, hoping to get back on track at home, which is easier said than done.

We can help you stay healthy and fit during your South Carolina vacation. All you have to do is try these simple tips:

  1. Rent a Bike Instead of a Car

South Carolina has a fantastic landscape and weather, making the outdoors fun and relaxing. That should be more encouraging to step outside of your car. 

As you already know, maintaining your old workout regimen on vacation isn’t easy. But you can use getting around as an exercise through cycling.

Most people will rent a car if they don’t have one because it’s convenient.

Try cycling to destinations that aren’t far off. South Carolina is bike-friendly, and you’ll enjoy the paved tracks and unique scenic trails reserved for cyclists.

There are plenty of biking trails, and they don’t disappoint. This resource has a lot on the subject.

  1. Eat Healthy

It’s easy to pick up bad eating habits while on vacation because your senses are overwhelmed with options.

Fast-food eateries are a favorite of tourists and travelers but what they offer isn’t always good for you. If you’re on a healthy diet, you can try to maintain it by eating real meals in restaurants. 

Check out hotel menus online before making reservations, and carry healthy snacks to munch on until you can eat a full meal. It would also help you avoid greasy foods from the streets.

And, of course, stay hydrated. Moving around uses up a lot of energy. Drinking plenty of water is how you help your body keep up.

  1. Walk a Lot

You don’t have to ditch your vehicle if it’s not part of the plan. Going on a road trip through The Palmetto State is definitely magical. But you can still enjoy your time and do something for your well-being.

Try walking to places that don’t require some form of transport. Walk most of the time, and since sightseeing is likely a big part of your vacation, that goal is achievable.

  1. Shun the Lift

One of the things a vacation gives is the luxury of being in no hurry. If that’s the case with your trip, you no longer need to ride the lift or escalators.

Avoiding the lift may seem like a less serious way to throw in some exercise, but that’s far from the truth.

Think about it, how many buildings do you visit that have stairs?

In a day, you may find yourself in and out of lots of places with stairs, including the hotel where you live. It wouldn’t cost you anything to avoid the lift and hit the stairs, and the benefits are immense.

  1. Carry Your Meds

Vacations should never interrupt your treatment plans. If you are on certain medications at home, take them with you.

Since you’re vacationing within the country, it wouldn’t be difficult to continue whatever treatment you’re on.

You’ll have to do your research, though, if you’re on unconventional drugs like cannabis. 

Since cannabis in South Carolina is illegal in every way, smuggling your stash in would be a bad idea. However, you can follow the proper channels to get your hands on low-THC CBD.

  1. Watch Your Drinking

We all know the dangers of excessive drinking. It wreaks havoc on your health and leads to addiction.

But somehow, traveling makes people throw caution to the wind, hoping it’s all temporary.

You can still enjoy cocktail parties and nights out with friends without changing your drinking habits.


Your health is vital regardless of where you are. Even though a journey away from home tends to throw off your routine, there is plenty you can do to remain healthy and fit.

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