All You Need to Know About Kitchen Handles

The kitchen is the heart of the home!

In Australia, people lay much importance on kitchen layout as it is a place that is for more than just cooking. It is a hub of home activity, a place to socialize, and a point of experiments, so you want it to be enjoyable and functional.

However, kitchen handles in Australia may be the last thing on your mind when renovating or building a custom kitchen. However, be aware they can make or break the look of your kitchen. 

Here’s everything you need to know about them:

A brief look at some popular kitchen handle designs

Whether you are planning to go for a minimalist modern look or something more contemporary, different handle designs are available. 

  1. Pull-out 

Pull-out handles are elegant and practical available in different shapes and sizes. 

If you want something modern, they are available in sleek designs. At the same time, they come as heavy and ornate for a traditional and lavish space. 

The amazing thing about them is that they are easy to use and convenient to fit with almost all types of kitchen cabinetry. They further help you utilize your space better and boost functionality.

  1. Classic Knobs

Give your modular kitchen a vintage look by choosing knobs as a choice of kitchen handles in Australia. Placed on the opening edge of the cabinet door, they are rounder, smaller and available in different colors and designs. 

Since each knob typically features a single attachment, you have to drill a single hole. However, this is also a downside – it makes knobs less practical in use.

  1. Lip pull 

Lip pulls are for the minimalist looking for something discreet yet functional. 

They are designed to seamlessly adapt to your kitchen’s decor and add a contemporary-modern twist. The versatile lip pulls are mounted vertically on a cabinet’s door or horizontally on a drawer. 

  1. Stainless-steel Bar

If you are looking for something more old-school that has withstood the test of time, stainless steel handles should be your pick. They require less maintenance and are resistant to water and dust. 

The only downside is that they do not bring much luxury to the table. 

Things to consider while choosing kitchen handles

Finding the best handle for your cabinetry that strikes the perfect balance between style and function can be tricky. With so many choices available, you cannot make a feasible decision without considering these things. 

  • Quality and Function 

The foremost thing to consider is the quality and design of the handle. 

The kitchen cabinet is opened and closed an indefinite number of times. So, apart from looking stylish, they must be comfortable and robust. 

Test out the handles before you decide to take them home – see whether they are easy to grip. It is an important factor when it comes to people who have bigger hands or people with arthritis.

  • Material and Finish 

Another key consideration is material and finishes because you don’t renovate your kitchen often. Different finishes go from matte or glossy black to brass, pewter, and steel for cabinet handles and pull.

In contrast, different materials vary from steel and chrome for a modern and sleek look to brass and bronze for traditional and antique. 

  • Cabinet handle size

Kitchen handles in Australia are available in different sizes and lengths that play a key role in pulling the whole project together. It is up to you whether you want to mix and match different handle lengths in your kitchen or go for the same to create a consistent and uniform look.

The Bottom Line 

Although kitchen handles are often overlooked, they are essential to upgrade your kitchen’s interior and take it up a notch. 

It is not only important to pick the right design but also to pick the right size, colour, and finish that goes with the overall flow. Further, it should also be comfortable and functional. Therefore, watch your steps when making a choice.

After all, your hardware and handle are intrinsic to your home’s design and style.