Best Things to Buy As A  Gift For Your Loved One in Bangkok

Recognized as one of the world heritage, Bangkok is a beautiful city with a bunch of surprises. The City of Angels is one of the most crowded yet cultural places to visit. In this city, you can go shopping in malls or even buy your things at night markets.

Located in the heart of Thailand, one in a lifetime you must visit and stay at the best hotels in Bangkok, like Miracle Grand hotel before going for a long-week shopping vacation. The things around Bangkok are just so amazing and it’s a big fault if you dont bring any gifts for your homies.

So, here is the recommendation of the best things to pick up for gifts that you can get in Bangkok, lets’s check it out!

  1. Leather Bags

Leather bags in one of the best affordable items to get. Just look for traditional styles and colors for an authentic Thai feel. But, to get the best leather bag, you have to look for the best shop.

Don’t be tempted by cheap prices, a leather bag with good workmanship costs around 2000 or 2500 baht. Also, the price can be even cheaper, don’t be afraid to bargain with the shopkeeper. For the recommendation, you can get your leather bag gift at the Mahboonkrong or MBK Shopping Center.

  1. Elephant Print Clothing

Thailand is about the elephant, and the elephant is Thailand. So, the best gift to pick up for people at home is elephant print clothing. You can buy many clothing kinds that are decorated with elephant ornaments.

For example, elephant print pants and long scarves will be the perfect choice to bring back home. Just be careful and do some haggle when buying it from a locals store. The best is, you can find these pretty prints of t-shirt, scarfs, or pants all over the city, and the popular places to search for these things are Khao San Road and the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

  1. Soap and Spa Products

It must sound weird that you can get soap and spa products for gifts. But, dont get me wrong, Bangkok has one of the best homemade spa products. You can bring carved soaps for folks back home and the best thing is you can bring as much as you can because of the small size.

Thai carved soaps are special because its smell like fruits and flowers. You can buy these things only for 30 to 60 baht a piece. And the best place to get these things is at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

  1. Wood Carvings

One of the best-crafted things for a gift to get in Bangkok is the wood carvings. To find the most incredible wood carvings in Bangkok, just go around and youll find many places. But, the best place is located at Bang Sue at the Soi Pracha Rat 24. This place is a street famous for its intricate and beautiful carvings.

You can get your very specially-made wood carvings in form of furniture, decor, sculptures, and engravings. Just prepare to spend a lot of money, because the carvings aren’t cheap. If you want to go for a special gift made from Bangkok for the special person, the carvings will not be the wrong option ever, just go for it.

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