Can a Non-UK Resident Establish a Limited Company in the UK?

You may be asking whether it is feasible for a non-UK resident to establish a limited business in the UK. Forms must be submitted to Companies House in order to establish a limited liability company, which is a reasonably basic procedure. However, do the regulations and legislation differ if the individual in issue is not a UK resident? Can you establish a UK corporation if you do not reside in the UK? Find the answers to these questions and assistance in establishing a limited liability business by reading on.

Registration of a United Kingdom Limited Company by a Non-Resident

Therefore, are there any restrictions or modifications to forming a corporation in the United Kingdom for foreign nationals? The answer is no.

The procedure for company registration in England is the same for non-UK residents and UK citizens residing in the UK. Even if you do not reside in the UK, foreign people may become the company director, shareholder, or company secretary of a British company.

Similar to UK residents, your business must be registered with Companies House and have a UK address corresponding to its operations base. Therefore, English corporations must have an English address, Welsh companies must have a Welsh address, etc.

Your firm must be formed in one of the UK jurisdictions, although it may be located anywhere and do business within the UK and beyond.

Registration of a British Address

In order to establish a limited company in the United Kingdom, you must have a physical address in the same nation where your business is registered. This address will be listed on the public record, and all correspondence from Companies House and HMRC will be delivered to this location. As long as you offer an actual UK address, you do not need to have a physical presence in the United Kingdom, such as an office or branch.

If you do not reside in the United Kingdom, you may use a post office box, a third-party service, or your accountant’s office address as your registered address. This may be better to provide your home address if you do not have a real office location in the United Kingdom, since this address will be a public record.

Signing up with Companies House

To register a business, you’ll need a name that complies with rules and regulations. Consult Fintech Harbor Consulting for help picking a name, or use the search engine to see whether your desired name is available in the British company register. A director and a shareholder are required, however, they may be the same. For your application, you will require a Memorandum of Association paper that include all the company’s directors and key decision-makers.

Then, you may register your business online with Companies House for £12 (registration fee). You might use a formation agent to register your business for a more convenient and uncomplicated process. A formation agency, such as Fintech Harbor Consulting, will guarantee that your limited company is established in a timely manner and in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations by handling all paperwork and administrative tasks on your behalf.

Do Non-British Citizens Need a British Bank Account?

You are not needing to hold a UK bank account in order to trade in the UK. However, a personal or commercial bank account in the United Kingdom may facilitate the processing of transactions with no extra expenses.

To establish a UK bank account, you do not need to be a permanent resident of the country, but you will require UK residence rights and a UK home address (You probably won’t be able to do this with your registered UK office address). Nonetheless, several British banks provide worldwide bank account services.