Checklist To Choose Your Movers

Are you ready to move, but not sure if you have chosen the right Boston mover? Getting a legitimate and professional company to help you with the moving. How to know if the packers and movers you have chosen is the right one? Well, the simple answer is to research and follow the checklist. 

Their website and some real-time testimonials will help you understand that they are a trustworthy company. Following is a checklist that you can follow to make sure you have selected a good company before moving.

1. Transparency

Make sure the company you choose offers complete transparency concerning costs, insurance, rules, and regulations. Sometimes some companies have certain terms that get lost in their long contract. Those terms might not be good for you. 

For example, when they say that your money won’t be returned if you want to change the date or cancel. Always read their terms and conditions. It might be long, but it can offer you important information. It is better to not accept their quote instead of regretting your choice afterward. 

2. Insurance

Moving insurance is helpful when your furniture or other items are stolen, damaged, or missing on the way. Especially if you are moving long distances, paying extra for the insurance is a must. 

Whether you pay for the insurance or not, it is crucial to know that they offer such services. When there is a dent or a broken piece of furniture, take a picture and claim returns as soon as possible. Know the validity period of the insurance. 

2. Licensing

Do you know if your company has the license to move to Boston? Most companies, before they can start working, have to apply for a license and start their work after receiving it. You can find out about their license on their “Terms and Conditions” page. 

You can go to that page and search “license.” Also, look for additional certificates that they might have received from the National Association of Professional Movers (NAOPM). For example, the certificate for the best move or trustworthy movers, etc. 

3. Legitimate Movers

Legitimacy comes with reviews and testimonials. You know your Boston movers are legit when you read the testimonials of their previous customers. Take your time to surf through what the previous clients have to say. 

Whether they are positive or negative, it is important to know the reason. You may also look for 3rd party websites and forums to look for reviews. You may get first-hand reviews from a neighbor, friend, or family member.  

4. No Hidden Costs

Moving entails several costs like huge furniture costs, carrying costs, stair costs, and many others. If everything is up-front presented in the quote, that is the company you would like to go with. If you do not get a complete breakdown of the price, do ask for that. 

Ask the things that could potentially increase the price later on. For example, if the moving truck does not find a parking space near your house, they would have to carry the stuff an extra distance, which would cost extra. Make sure all prices are covered, and you won’t meet any surprises. 

5. Flexibility

Can your moving company postpone according to your needs? If they say yes, select them. It is uncommon for the moving company to be flexible and would expect you to give them a notice period of at least 2 weeks in case there is a cancellation or a postponement. 

Go through their cancellation and date change rules before you choose them, especially if you are not sure when you would be moving. Make sure you know when to cancel and get your deposit back and, in which case, you don’t get anything back. 

6. Storage Options

If you are moving to a smaller apartment and do not have enough space for all your stuff, go with the company that offers affordable storage options. Many moving companies in Boston have storage cells or special containers where you can put your things for a fixed amount of time. You can pay them monthly. The cost of storage depends on the time period and the size of the container. 

7. Previous Experience

Just like any other work, when you select a moving company, look at its history. How many moves have they done? How many of them were successful? Finding answers to such questions are rather difficult. 

Some websites provide detailed information about their experience along with some reviews. If you have a doubt, ask the company or the agent directly about their history. A moving company always welcomes a person who is straightforward. 

8. Communication

The company you choose should have good communication skills. Responding fast and providing the right help is important. Nowadays, most companies have chatbots to help with regular questions. Make sure it is easy to reach customer care personnel when required. Also, look for other ways to communicate through phone or email. 


If you are moving to another city, such checklists are helpful. Tick them as you find out that they offer transparency, have no hidden costs, etc. This list will also help you to ask questions if you don’t know where to start with your queries. Once you have all the information about your packers and movers, you can trust them with your priced possessions.