Code Climate, A Software Engineering Intelligence Platform Raised $50 Million

In a series C round of fundraising, Code Climate, a platform that uses data to support software engineering project management, has secured $50 million.

Code Climate, founded in 2011, bills itself as an “engineering intelligence platform,” allowing firms like JLL, Pizza Hut, and Instacart to release higher-quality code quicker by integrating with DevOps and project management platforms like GitHub and Jira to create data-driven insights. It involves integrating business goals with engineering operations to ensure that resources get directed to the areas that require them the most, making it easy to recognize and repeat successful practices throughout an organization. code 50m series usvsawersventurebeat

Companies can use Code Climate’s Velocity to keep feature delivery on track by identifying bottlenecks ahead of time; track engineering progress as it relates to key performance indicators (KIPs) and objectives and key results (OKRs). It can further tap into industry-wide benchmarks to help set realistic goals; keep track of expenditures while allocating resources according to priorities. 

Companies are also utilizing Code Climate’s Quality to achieve automatic code assessments on their pull requests, including a “10-point technical debt assessment” to offer real-time feedback.   

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Code Climate’s fundraising comes amid a flurry of activity in the field, with LinearB recently raising $16 million to introduce contextual analytics to software development project management and Jellyfish raising $31.5 million to accomplish the same.

It’s all about adding transparency to the software engineering mix, ensuring that managers and decision-makers rely on facts rather than preconceptions or gut feeling – this is a trend that’s sweeping the board, from sales to city planning.

PSG, Union Square Ventures, Foundry Group, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and NextView Ventures all contributed to Code Climate’s recent $50 million funding round.