Different Ways to Ship Your Car to Another State & What to Consider

Millions of Americans move their vehicles every year, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible with auto transport companies. Read on to learn about the different ways to send your vehicle and all of the moving parts to consider.

Open Transport

To save money consider open transport – cheaper than enclosed methods while using less fuel; but remember it will leave your vehicle exposed to elements requiring precautionary steps be taken against damage to prevent the worst cases from occurring. It’s important to also listen to the company you’re working with as they may have their own stipulations.

Open transport involves loading your vehicle onto a large truck that can hold several at the same time, making it cheaper and often taking less time than enclosed shipping. Open carriers are more common, making it easier for you to find one quickly.

Prior to having it loaded onto a carrier truck, however, this video says that you need to prepare it carefully by clearing away personal belongings and cleaning thoroughly; also consider draining any extra gasoline from your tank in order to reduce weight for shipment; doing this may reduce risks such as damages occurring during shipping.

When moving across the country, transporting your car can be challenging without hiring a driver. Hiring one may be expensive and time consuming – particularly during pandemic seasons like influenza. Another method may be rail shipping which may be more cost effective.


No matter the circumstances of your relocation for work or school, transporting your car should always be handled correctly and safely. Options to consider for doing this include hiring someone to drive it themselves, using an open carrier truck, or shipping by train.

When choosing a transport company via train, be sure they have an excellent track record and excellent reviews. Also ask for an instant quote so you know exactly how much shipping will cost you. Once you’ve decided upon one, prepare your vehicle for pickup by cleaning both inside and out, filling the gas tank up no more than 1/4 full, performing a bumper to bumper inspection, having its title/registration ready, as well as proof of insurance documentation available.

After your car has been shipped successfully, the next step should be transferring it into your new state (as seen here: https://www.valuepenguin.com/moving-new-state-heres-how-transfer-your-car-insurance-and-registration). This can be accomplished at either the DMV or through an online portal – and should go smoothly provided you have all necessary paperwork ready.

Shipping your car across state lines via Train Company can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it’s essential that you understand all your options. Many factors will impact price and transit time of your shipment including season (summer and January are typically more costly), fuel costs, pickup/delivery location (urban vs. rural), broker versus marketplace selection process etc. In either instance you will incur fees as brokers find carriers for you while marketplaces let you select them directly.

These services provide an effective and cost-efficient solution to shipping cars to new states. Their professional drivers will collect your vehicle from its current location and transport it safely and quickly to its new one – with many benefits that come from not having to drive your own car yourself and faster pick-up and delivery services than taking a road trip alone.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is both safer and more expensive than open transport, with your vehicle being secured inside an enclosed trailer from the elements. It’s generally reserved for high value or fragile vehicles that require extra care during shipping – such as luxury or classic cars going to car shows or special events.

First of all, when selecting an enclosed auto transport company, review customer feedback online and on social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Aim to find companies with an excellent track record for providing excellent service; inquire for quotes with details regarding fees so that there will be no surprises upon receipt of invoice.

When shipping your car over long distances, there are various decisions you’ll have to make. If you’re wondering how to ship a car to another state, then first and foremost is selecting a company. After that decision, choosing between open or enclosed transport, deciding between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service and whether insurance coverage should be included in your contract are next as important.

Your vehicle and its condition will have an impactful influence on its shipping costs to another state. Smaller and lighter vehicles are easier and cheaper to ship than their heavier counterparts; modified or altered cars may need special handling. Seasonality also plays a factor; shipping cars during winter is more costly due to weather conditions like snowfall.

Driving your car between states adds miles to its odometer and increases wear-and-tear damage, so auto transport services offer an efficient solution that’s stress and money saver as well as protecting from damages during transport. But keep in mind that not all auto transport providers offer equal services; to find out what to expect, compare quotes from several providers before making your decision.