Finding the proper java web development company: Methodology

One of the oldest programming languages, Java still holds a firm place in the market. According to a report from Oracle, there are 45 million active JVM users globally. It not only offers developers the leverage of using object-oriented platforms, but most IT companies use the language to handle large-scale projects. Plus, Java is used for development and testing purposes both. 

Due to the growing popularity of the programming language, you should opt for the Java web development company. The company is an expert in developing websites, web pages, web APIs, and so on, but it also offers insights into using Java for the project. However, with so many companies in the market offering java development services, finding the best one is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

If you collaborate with the wrong company, you will encounter many problems, from delayed work submission to poor quality. Acknowledging this, we have curated a guide with which you can easily choose the best Java software development company for your project. 

Check the experience of the company.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the experience earned by the Java web development company. Usually, the companies can be divided into three categories based on their experience. These are: 

  1. Multinational companies are highly experienced, and they have branches in multiple countries
  2. National companies have experience of 4 to 5 years in the market
  3. Start-ups are new players, and they have 1 year of experience, hardly

Now, there is no hard and fast rule that you must go for MNCs only and not the other two company types. Instead, you need to choose the company based on your project requirements. For example, if you want to outsource the entire project with critical aspects, go for MNCs and companies that only have branches in the country. But if your project is small and you have a budget constraint, opting for the start-up Java web development company is better. 

Go through the past projects

Another crucial fact you should check is the past project that the company has handled. With this, you will know whether or not the chosen firm can deal with your project time. For example, if your website is based on legacy systems, you need a company with experience in dealing with legacy systems and building new solutions after data migration. 

It will also help you learn if the projects handled in the past are of the topmost quality or not. You cannot risk your company settling with a third-party firm offering Java development services to reduce the budget or avoid hindrance. 

Do pay heed to feedback and reviews

To ensure the Java web application development is of top-notch quality and in complete sync with your requirements, check the past feedback and reviews of the company’s clients. This will help you know if the chosen firm can live up to your expectations or not. 

In addition, the feedback and reviews will give you real-time insights into the company’s operations, the value of deadlines and project quality, the skills of the developers and other Java professionals, and so on. The reviews can even give you rare information based on their experience with a development company.

Go through the services offered

You should scroll through the services offered by the concerned Java web development company. Some of the most common services that are usually offered are: 

  1. Website and web app development: Building codes and process services for the backend of websites and web applications
  2. Data migration: Migrating of datasets from legacy systems to the current dev and testing environment
  3. DevOps: Java is also needed to build continuous integration and continuous delivery of the codes from the dev to the production environment once codes are pushed and locked in the repository
  4. Testing: Another use of Java in the software development life cycle is in automation and performance testing 

Check licenses and certifications for Java. 

While looking for the best web development company using the programming language for Java, you should ensure the firm has acquired the proper license and certification. This way, you can have peace of mind concerning the work quality and other attributes. 

Besides, if the professionals have the license, they are knowledgeable about the recent developments in Java libraries, packages, and frameworks. You can even charge a lawsuit if they do not comply with the security compliances and rules. But it won’t be possible if the company fails to show the license and certification to work on Java.

Submit a quote for the overall project cost

Lastly, submit a quote to know more about the overall expenses for the project. This way, you won’t have to bear too many costs for managing the project, from design to deployment and post-production support.


This article shared the best ways to choose the right Java web development company. With our guide in hand, you won’t have to worry about the presence of glitches in the application or slow response time.