Food habits that can protect you from ED

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is one of the most troubling disorders of men above the age of 25. Earlier Erectile Dysfunction was earlier prevalent in the old aged men above 50 years. But due to poor lifestyle and ignorance of sexual health, the age has narrowed to below 30. This presents an alarming situation before us because when young boys are in adulthood when it is the time for relationships and marriages if they fail to satisfy their partners it becomes an embarrassing situation.

ED is the medical condition during which men cannot get a proper erection of the penis. Thus, sexual intercourse cannot be enjoyed to a great extent. Few instances of low erection are not categorised as ED because stress due to work or personal problems also leads to less stimulation and reduces the interest in sex. But if such situations of poor erection get continued for weeks and months, then it is called ED. Pills like Cenforce 100 mg and Fildena 100 have become a regular affair for men with ED. But it is not always the medication that can protect you from ED but also your food habits. In this article, we will talk about some of the food habits which if followed can protect you from ED.

First, let’s know about Erectile Dysfunction

It is important to know the basics of Erectile Dysfunction ED before finding solutions for it. ED as we know is a medical situation where men are unable to get desired penile erection. The main reason behind the erection of the penis is the movement of blood in the blood vessels of the penis. For a good erection, the blood flow in the penis must be continuous and high than the normal rate. Similarly, Erectile Dysfunction is due to various reasons like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, obesity, diabetes mellitus, injuries, depression and even certain medications that have side effects such as ED insufficient amount of blood entering the penis.

So, the key thing that can bring back erection is blood flow in the penis. This is the only solution or prevention of Erectile Dysfunction. Any pill be it Vidalista 80 or any from of them works similarly to cure Erectile Dysfunction by improving the blood supply in the penis.

Food habits that can protect us from ED

Food is an important aspect of health and so for Erectile Dysfunction. Food that increases the metabolic rate improves blood circulation in the body so that every organ gets an adequate supply of blood. Whereas a food that is rich in cholesterol and takes more time to digest will slow down the effectiveness and hence, the erection will also not be as expected. Hence, be conscious before choosing what you eat.

Eat fibrous food

As earlier said eat food items that improve metabolism and help you get energetic and enthusiastic. Fibre is one such element that fulfils this objective as it is a roughage hence, it does not gets digested itself but helps faeces to easily move through the intestines for smooth excretion. This is why fibrous foods are taken by people who face irregular bowels and constipation.

Chew the food properly

The gut is often referred to as the second brain as its influences whole the body. Our teeth are to be used for breaking, crushing and splitting the tablets. But today due to a fast lifestyle don’t have time to eat and sleep peacefully. Hence, men do not chew the food properly which leaves the food half-chewed. This will take more time to get broken down by chemicals in the stomach and may cause indigestion or constipation.

Not eating at night

In social media and among the millennials, this is the trend nowadays is unhealthy, anyone opens a social medical channel and starts discussing health and thinks he is a doctor or health expert. The food we eat takes any time from 3 to 4 hours to get digested. This is why it is asked to keep the patients and doctors safely. At night some people have a meal and directly go to bed. This is the wrong thing because foods need time to get broken down. And after dinner within 1 or 2 hours the man goes to sleep. This will lead to acidity, poor bowel movement and all such government jobs. At night a simple walk after dinner helps in better digestion.


Understand the importance of your health and mind above all. A simple healthy person is far better than a man with a well-built body that is prone to infections and allergies. Foods can both be a precaution or cure for Erectile Dysfunction. It all depends on the timing, if one adapts healthy food habits after suffering from ED then here is a cure for ED. Whereas if one has to prevent ED then also make some changes to our daily diet.

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