How many types of slot machines do you know?

If you are an online casino player, you will certainly love slot machines, one of the most popular games in the world and present in thousands of different versions, all equally fun and addicting. By now all over the world it is customary to play online in front of your home PC or using mobile technologies. There are many quality online casinos to choose from. One of them is Betflix. Traditional slot machines, however, not only still exist, but continue to have considerable success with fans of the genre, who continue to play in the numerous gaming rooms located all over the world.

How many are there?

Experienced players will probably know all the types of types that exist and will be able to list their characteristics. However, if you want to know more, as you continue reading, we will list the main types of slot machines, telling you their story and describing the main game modes.

Let’s see them together:

1- Slot with Multiplier

Here are the slot machines by far the most popular and appreciated by the public. Thanks to their celebrity, they are also the ones with the greatest variety in settings and playstyles. There are so many, in short, and everyone can find his favorite. The name of these slots derives from their peculiar feature, namely the multiplier. This is simply that the payout increases as more coins you have played.

Slot machines with multiplier are then divided into two sub-types:

– Slot machines with direct multiplier: are those in which the jackpot increases in direct proportion to the number of coins inserted

– Slot machine with bonus multiplier: in this variant, however, the possibility of having access to the bonus jackpot increases

2- Slot Machine with Progressive Jackpot

This type of slots has taken hold thanks to the new technologies offered to online gaming. In fact, they are so called because the jackpot does not increase only on the basis of the number of coins inserted in a single slot, but progressively thanks to all the users who are connected to the game at that moment. In this way the match will be even more exciting and the chances of winning will increase considerably.

3- Single Coin Slots

Let’s talk about the oldest slots (it is said that the first appeared in the nineteenth century) and the simplest from the point of view of the type of game. To play this type of slot, as the name implies, you just need to insert a single coin on each spin. Usually single coin slots also have few paylines and a very basic layout. In short, nothing to do with modern gaming technologies and advanced graphics that we usually find in today’s online slots. However, single coin slots still have a certain appeal and excite players all over the world.

4- Video Slot Machines

This type is also one of the most popular, thanks to the convenience that allows you to play directly from your smartphone using your online account. In addition, video slot machines are always up to date and offer a great variety of themes to play with, such as cinema, sports and social phenomena.

This way you can be sure you will never get bored!

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