Interoperability, Integration, and Interest Are All Key to Choosing the Right Crypto

The three I’s (interoperability, integration, interest) discussed in this article could be the difference between a great crypto experience and one that ends in disaster. The cryptocurrency sector is incredibly volatile and what many seem to neglect is the fact that there are probably more cryptos that fail or just don’t cut it as there are those that make the headlines for the right reasons. Bitcoin is always touted as the flag bearer of the cryptocurrency sector, held up to promote the sector and show what is possible. However, it is also a currency that is unaffordable for many. The I’s as suggested here will allow you to find crypto that works for you and your needs.


Interoperability has become the most spoken and debated aspect of blockchain and crypto at the moment. It is becoming clearer that cryptocurrency is possibly best viewed and used as a tool to increase and promote secure access to data, save information, and store valuables. It has, therefore, got to be more than just the ability to buy low and sell high. It is not necessarily a financial investment to have the right crypto, but rather a means to access a host of metaverse-based services and functions in the most secure manner possible. The crypto Atom, based on the Cosmos Blockchain platform, is a great example, as can be seen and explained at, which shows exactly what this interoperability should look like.


Integration is linked to the varying uses of crypto but is essentially the level to which the crypto that you are interested in has been integrated into mainstream and metaverse culture. If you intend to spend all your time in the metaverse in a specific gaming environment that only takes and deals in game-based NFTs that can only be purchased with Ethereum or Dogecoin, then you either need a currency that can easily be traded and exchanged for these or you need the specific crypto that has been integrated into the gaming systems, business, and societal aspects that you intend to access.


The only way that the first two I’s are entrenched and established for the crypto is if there is genuine interest in the crypto and the blockchain offerings that it comes with. There will be a range of reasons for such interest, from investment potential to simply what can be purchased in the world that you live in, but it must be genuine and it must be sustainable. Otherwise, we could be discussing Binance. Niche currencies are fine, but you must invest and buy them with this clearly in mind.

These three I’s should determine the crypto that you should be interested in. It is a complicated market segment and a great deal of misinformation prevails. Keep it simple and look for aspects of the crypto that are arguably established markers for success in the current environment and at this specific time. It’s better to be safe than sorry.