There are many ways to find an IP location, no matter where you live. Finding potential website viewers is crucial data you need to store for later viewing. Moreover, the geolocation will tell you where the organic traffic is coming from your way. The IP location finder is one of the tools that is used for the same purpose. 

However, it is nice to find the precise location of a visitor. You cannot find the exact location even if you have the host and IP address. There are certain perks attached to it.

So let us dive into how the IP to location finder works.

IP location finder: the geolocation

The IP location is mapping a particular IP address to find the geographical location of the people visiting your website. It is done by connecting the internet to the device and browsing the tasks like tools or software to do the rest.

This procedure helps you to locate information such as the country, state, city, and zip code along with latitude and longitude. It also has the area code and other information for the complete address.

The IP address: definition and importance

An IP address is widely known as an internet protocol. These addresses are essential to identify all kinds of hardware devices on the network the user uses to visit your website.

The IP addresses provide a string of connections to all hardware devices to connect via the internet, no matter where the user is from at the time.

Each IP address has a string of its number. These strings are unique; hence no two IP addresses can be identical.

Billions of IP addresses on the internet are currently running across the stream. So locating them is a big task, but you can now do the job efficiently with the IP location finder.

How does IP location work?

Before we move on, remember there are two types of IP addresses.

  1. Public IP address
  2. Private IP address

The public IP address is the exact individual address when you connect your device to any public system via the internet. Your public IP connects you with the outer world.

The private IP address is your device’s IP address within the network. 

Many people are aware of their telephone numbers but not their IP addresses. Although in this technological world, it is vital to remember because there are times when your system would ask for it. There are various ways to find the IP address, which depends on the system you operate, so we have rounded up the most straightforward ways.

Using Windows 7:

Follow the given steps to understand the process smoothly.

  1. Go to the actual start menu and type run. The application will open automatically.
  2. Then write cmd and press enter.
  3. When the command prompt window opens and shows you options, type ipconfig and again press enter.
  4. Your system will now show you an overview of all connections.
  5. With that, you will see IP addresses with different connections. At this point, you will find your IP address assigned by your router.

Using windows 8 and 10:

The process is somewhat similar to Windows 7.

  1. Open the run application on your system.
  2. Type cmd and press enter to proceed.
  3. You will see the command prompt window on your screen. Type ipconfig and press enter.
  4. Your device will show you all connections.
  5. Last, search your writer’s name, and you have your IP address via the IP location finder.

Using Mac:

You can do the same process on your Apple device.

  1. Go to system preferences.
  2. Select the icon of the network. The windows will direct you to a new window now.
  3. You will see a list of network connections; your IP address is the green one.
  4. You will see the IP address and network name on the upper right-hand side.

Is the IP location finder accurate?

The answer depends on the geolocation and the database you use for this purpose. Many professionals achieve 99% accuracy when jumping to another country or city. But still, there is a 1% chance of a misleading IP address.

Considering it is an online tool, even a 50% to 80% accuracy is good enough to proceed further.

Is it worth it?

If you have a business that includes e-commerce websites, collecting IP addresses to see who has visited your website is crucial. Moreover, you will also come to know where the organic traffic is coming from and what type of audience you have.

With this, you can plan further and make creative goals for future business steps.

To sum up:

Using IP location is now a go-to tool for everyone in touch with an online business. Although it shows accurate results to some extent, there is a chance of miscalculating data mapping, leading to an incorrect IP address.

Please select the best online tool for this task and stick to it till you have the desired results.