Keep it a secret from your mother” is an adult manga series.  This adult or erotic manga has a total of twenty nine chapters and each chapter has around 150 pannels.

Keep It A Secret From Your Mother: Introduction

This manga was made and developed by Phoenix Scans and it was originally in japanese but it was translated to english. The translator is currently unknown but we will update you when we find his identity. The type setter of this manga is someone named “GHOST” in the manga world and he is also the proof reader of Keep it a secret from your mother.

This manga starts off when the main character named Haesong gets into a school in seoul. So Haesong’s mother calls up her friend who lives in Seoul to help take care of Haaesong for a few months. Basically, Haesong now lives in the house of her mom’s friend in Seoul. “Aunty” – The woman who takes care of Haesong is really a nice person. She cooks food for him and takes care of him. She has a daughter who kind of like Haesong a lot. She calls Haesong by elder brother but she does not mean it.

Haesong really likes and admires Aunty. He belives she is like an angel is very beautiful, he likes her in a way. But he thinks that her daughter is not like her at all and she should be like her mother.

The first chapter Keep it a secret from your mother starts off with Haesong and Naeyon talking about relationships when Haesong mentions that she doesn’t have a girlfriend because he is busy studying when nayeon asks him about it. But then the two catch the vice presidents of school, a boy and a girl making out in an area behind school. Now Haesong is starting to think that toppers also play out.

Unfortunately, they both get caught by someone. Later as the story progresses, nayeon and Haesong are caught talking in class by the beautiful teacher who is again, a friend of Haesong’s mom. She punishes the two by asking them to carry heavy boxes after class. At this moment, the teacher recieves a call and finds out that she has been fired. She says that it’s a shame that she got she fired as she really liked this job and being a teacher.

By this time Nayeon has ran away and she has given her boxes to Haesong. The teacher has just been fired. She doesn’t complain. In fact she becomes very carefree. She throws away the boxes and eyes Haesong in a seducing way, asking him from drinks tonight.

Soon they both are drinking at a bar and talking about a lot of things. While returning, the teacher is kind of drunk and one thing let on another and before you know Haesong finds out that his teacher is coming on to him! He can’t help himself and is stuck in this situation.

Will he be able to get out of this or what will Haesong do? The next chapters have our answers drawn all over them.

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