Memory Retention Tips for Students

Ever happened that you have read and learned a topic from your social studies books, but when your teacher asks you a question from it you can’t remember it. Happened right, and if something like this happens in the examination hall while giving exams, it’s like living your worst nightmare, as a student. Many of you will say it happens sometimes and it’s not such a big problem, you’re right maybe it’s not a problem for some, but there are students who find it difficult to remember. There are students who can’t take notes as when the teacher is dictating they write a few words but forget what else the teacher said. It’s difficult for them to perform stepwise chemistry lab experiments because they don’t remember the steps that the teacher taught. 

All this can create lots of troubles for a student, as they require to not only learn but to remember the concepts, topics and lessons that are taught to them. If they can’t remember what they have learned, they won’t be able to perform well in exams. It’s not like this problem can’t be solved or there are no ways to help students who have difficulty in remembering.

Here are some ways or tips to help students to have them better memory retention:

Study in an Organised way: Even the teachers, teaching on the best app for online classes say that the best method to study is to keep your study place & materials organised. Whenever you sit to study, keep your space clean, sit at a quiet and comfortable place. Make notes cleanly, it’s seen that your environment affects your brain, so give your mind a proper environment to learn and then see how you will start retaining things for a long time.

Pay Attention: If you’re not paying attention to what is in front of you, then how will you be able to remember it? It’s important for students to pay attention to what they are reading or learning and stay focused while studying. Eliminate any distractions around you during the time.

Read out loud: Studies have shown that loud reading helps in memory retention, as when you read loud and listen to what you’re reading, it gets imprinted in your mind. So try this trick whenever you’re studying to read loudly and remember longer.

Group Studying: Studying with your friend or friends in a group can not only be fun, but can also help you in studying in a better way. When students study in groups they learn together, from each other, they can help each other in solving problems, learning concepts using different ways. This makes them learn things quickly and remember it for a longer period of time. 

Find connections: It’s seen that children learn new things easily, if they find connection between their newly acquired knowledge and previous knowledge. This makes them remember their concepts in a better way, for example: before teaching students about electricity, teachers can ask students to tell the devices they use which work on electricity like: phone, television etc , this will make them understand better about the concept of electricity.

Write it down:  Students make notes, right. What’s it’s main purpose? The main purpose of notes is not only to write important topics on paper, but also to write it down in your mind. Writing things down can help you remember the concepts and topics you learned for  long time, and you can also use them to revise and review from time to time, to check that you still remember the things.

Learn from Pictures: It’s a known fact that the human brain remembers pictures longer than the texts. That’s why the method of teaching, using visual aids, is being used so much nowadays. Teachers use video lectures, slideshows & clips to teach through online education app. As it helps students not only remember their concepts, but also makes learning engaging and interesting for them. So use pictures, visuals for better memory retention.

Take Breaks and appropriate Sleep: Only a well relaxed mind & body can perform well. Students should take proper sleep and adequate breaks during study to avoid creating chaos in their mind.