mixlab 20m sonoma brandshalltechcrunch

Mixlab, the renowned pet pharmacy, has developed its digital platform to help veterinarians offer medications and online delivery. It facilitates same-day delivery when pet parents place an urgent request. Mixlab has raised $20 million in series A funding led by Sonoma Brands. It includes others like Monogram Capital, Global Founders Capital, Brand Foundry and Lakehouse Ventures. After the new investment, the total funding by the pet pharmacy giant comes to $30 million, as said by its CEO, Fred Dijols. Back in 2017, the CEO, along with a chief officer, Stella Kim, also planned for enhanced pharmacy experience and having a veterinarian get quick assistance. mixlab 20m sonoma brandshalltechcrunch.

Modern-day online service revolved around quick home delivery; the CEO decided to boost up the veterinary side of the business. He met the experienced expert, he wanted to deploy the latest technology, extending the industry service to the customers.

 Kim added that the industry is evolving with technological changes and can offer personalized care for veterinarians, pets and parents. Customer service is a vital aspect of the healthcare industry that cannot be overlooked, and Mixlab follows the same. mixlab 20m series brandshalltechcrunch

The technology of the pharmacy service giant has excellent digital service to streamline daily workflow and assure timely service to pets. The platform’s upgradation ensures home delivery, of generic and other medications, with reduced need to visit clinics. Online veterinarians can prescribe and track the medication well, offering satisfactory pet therapy.

There has been an increase in pet adoption with more vet visits. It caused the pet care industry to flourish and projects $343 billion by 2030, with a value of $208 billion by 2020. To meet the demands of vet care, the company is looking for new funding and introducing the latest technology to upgrade its service at its best.