Never Go Wrong With a Black Prom Dress

A prom is an exciting event for teenagers. There’s so much excitement about first dances, punch fountains, slow-dance music, and the perfect prom date. Are you considering a black prom dress to show up in and blind the room with glamour? You’re on the right track! No matter what the theme is for your high school prom, a black dress will always come through. Here you’ll learn how to style a black dress, whether a little black dress or a full-length evening gown. 

A Canvas to Build On

Black, being one of the most palatable colours, can become a canvas using which you can create innumerable outfits. Add various accessories, and you can create outfits of different aesthetics using the same dress.

A Timeless Classic

Perhaps you don’t even have to go out and buy a new dress. Because black dresses go with everything and anything, you might be able to borrow your mom’s or your sister’s dress (if you are the same size!). Some black dresses are so timeless that they will look as beautiful today as they did years ago. 

Looking back years later, you won’t cringe and think, “What was I wearing?” Black always looks good. Black is never a wrong choice. 


With a stunning black dress, you get a lot of options on what to do with your hair. Black is a wild and bold colour but also elegant and poised. You can let your hair free in the wind with a blow-dry, or you can sweep it back in a sleek, clean look. Whether you straighten it or curl it, it will match the vibe of your dress. 


Here’s the thing: if you wear a black dress with no other colour, you might risk looking too plain. You want to look nothing less than absolutely stunning at prom, so pick earrings that stand out. Consider long-hanging earrings if your dress is long and goes below your dress. This elongates your silhouette further and creates a seamless look. You could also go for large diamonds or pearls for a more elegant look. And, of course, hoops are timeless classics, just like the black prom dress


Here’s some big sister advice. It’s trending right now to wear white shoes with just about anything. But years later, you might not be the same person you are now. Wear shoes that match your black prom dress. With a black dress, go with strappy black heels. Nude shoes might also do the trick. Just don’t try to dress it down. Prom is special; it is a lifelong memory. Be ready for it!

Where to Put your Stuff

Now here’s the question that gets everyone a little concerned. You’ve got to have the perfect bag. Where else will you put your lip gloss? You need to carry a little comb, perfume, on-the-go breath mint, maybe some bandaids, keys, and your phone! You can only be with these essentials all night, and it might not be the most reliable option to ask your friend to hold your stuff or put it in their coats. After all, prom can also be dangerous, and you can have things stolen. A little clutch you can put over your shoulder does the trick! You can hold it while you dance, and it’s tiny enough not to steer attention away from your beautiful ensemble. 


Remember to add those little details. A matching hairpin, a pretty diamond bracelet, or your favourite anklet can be the cherry on top to perfect your prom outfit.