Top 4 Countries That Are Safe To Travel To

If you’ve ever thought about travelling around the world, then you should consider visiting some amazing destinations. One thing that you’ll want to consider is the safety risk involved. Some places might be dangerous or unsafe to visit at certain times due to political instability or security threats. What’s the safest country in the world to travel to anyway?

New Zealand

New Zealand has been ranked safe by the CIA and other sources. It also got great scores on our online baccarat site because of its friendly people, clean environment, beautiful nature, fun activities and delicious food! In this article, we will try to help you find out if it is the best place to travel to in 2017.


Japan is a cultural treasure chest as well as very safe to travel to even though it’s located near the disputed territories in East Asia. Its advanced technology, unique culture, rich history and welcoming people helps make it one of the safest countries in the entire world. And when it comes to tourist attractions, there are so many things to see. Whether you like ancient castles or temples, artwork or museums, you can enjoy all of them at any time you go.


The third spot goes to another English-speaking country. After studying several lists and surveys, we found Australia as having the most peaceful atmosphere. The crime rate is low, especially in comparison with other countries of similar size and population. We enjoyed our visits to the Great Barrier Reef (especially diving) and Tasmania during our trip and would recommend these locations. If you come here, please use common sense and watch out for pickpockets! Have fun on your travels.


The 4th safest place to travel to is Canada. This country was voted number 1 in terms of being the friendliest full stop — just take a tour of their country and see what we’re talking about! There are lots of cool events, festivals and special offers from time to time so keep an eye out. 

In conclusion, we’d say that New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Canada are the safest countries in the world. However, there are other factors such as climate, safety, cost, language etc. that play a part in choosing where to travel. So, we encourage you to play best online casinos for real money games whilst travelling to any of these countries.