Top 5 Unknown MMA faces and Top 5 Angry Anime

A boxer must put in a lot of effort and commitment to advance from unproven prospect to title challenger. Dedicated MMA fans occasionally have the ability to recognise future champions much before they reach their full potential. Austin Vanderford is also a name to look at.

Brandon Moreno :When he competed on The Ultimate Fighter 24, Brandon Moreno was essentially an unknown fighter. He was given a UFC deal despite losing his first bout on the reality series. He lost his promotion after going 1-2 in his next three fights. Nobody anticipated what would eventually happen with The Assassin Baby at this point.

Luana Pinheiro: In 2020, Luana Pinheiro joined the UFC. Pinheiro and Rose Namajunas, the current women’s strawweight champion, are comparable in terms of their skill sets.Both competitors have skilled Brazilian jiu-jitsu and are outstanding attackers. Purely based on their in-ring performances, Namajunas and Pinheiro have enjoyed careers that are similar to one another thus far.

Jake Hadley : The newest member to the UFC’s flyweight division is Jake Hadley.Former flyweight champion of the EFC and Cage Warriors, the Englishman is still unbeaten. With a killer attitude, he has earned a reputation as being an extraordinarily well-rounded fighter. It wasn’t the best of introductions for Hadley to the UFC brass. Prior to his appearance on Dana White’s Contender Series season 5, he was 2 pounds under the flyweight limit requirement of 125 pounds.

Alexander Romanov, a heavyweight in the UFC.A mixed martial artist from Moldova is named Alexander Romanov. He has never lost in his professional career and presents the majority of the heavyweight competitors in the UFC with a stylistic nightmare.

UFC flyweight Mohammad Mokaev: In 2021, Mohammad Mokaev joined the UFC. The addition of the 21-year-old to the promotion’s flyweight category is incredibly exciting.

Mokaev’s path to mixed martial arts has been anything but smooth. In the summer of 2012, he and his father escaped Russia with just a suitcase of clothes and no money. Yasutora Sado is indeed a name to love.

Hunter X Hunter:

Illumi Zoldyck, an assassin who originates from a family of hired killers and professional assassins, is one of the calmest evil characters in anime. One of the best moments in the entire series of Hunter X Hunter is when Hisoka asks if he can kill Killua in the 141st episode.


Tenjou Tenge

In contrast to the situation between Takayanagi and Souichiro in Tenjou Tenge, a true martial artist would always prevail over a complete novice.Despite the handicap agreement, which stated that Souichiro would win if he managed to land a single blow, Takayanagi nonetheless defeated the rookie and rendered him unable to defend himself.


When Mio and the children she is with are killed by the military, it is one of the most terrible episodes in the television series Dororo.When Hyakkimaru learned that the people who cared for him had perished, the anguish and pain he was feeling at the time turned into a hot blooded rage, driving him to lose his cool and kill every soldier he could locate.

100 Mob Psycho

While Shigeo Kageyama is strong, his strength isn’t often evident in his demeanour or mannerisms. Don’t underestimate him, though, as he cannot be stopped when his rage is at its peak.

Titan: The Attack

We were aware that Captain Levi was not a chatty person. He is a short, stocky man who appears substantially shorter than his teammates and recruits. Like his leader Erwin Smith, he is always cool and collected.

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