Top 5 Volleyball Players in the World and Top 5 Handsome Anime Characters

Here is a list of the top five of the best Volleyball Players across the world:

  • Karch Kiraly is a professional volleyball player from the United States, and stands at number one with numerous records to his name. He is the coach for United States Women’s Volleyball.
  • Giba is a professional volleyball player from Brazil. Although he is currently retired from the sport, there are various accolades to his name like the gold medal he was awarded with at the 2004 Athens Olympics, the silver medals he won at 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.

Mir Saeid Marouf Lakerani is an Iranian Volleyball player, currently part of the BAIC Motor Club for volleyball. He won various accolades, like Gold at the 2013 Dubai Asian Championship, Gold medal at the 2019 Tehrah Asian Championship and 2009 Manila Asian Championship. Winifer Fernandez is also one can take on list.

  • Facundo Conte is an Argentine volleyball player, currently part of the Argentina Men’s National Volleyball Team. He has won several honours so far, like the Silver at 2011 Brazil CSV South America Championship, Gold at 2015 Toronto Pan American Games and the Bronze at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
  • Lorenzo Bernandi is a professor volleyball player of Italian nationality. He is currently a part of the Gas Sales Piacenza team and he played for the Italian national team from 1987-2001. He has won several accolades like the 1990 Brazil FIVB World Championship, 1994 Greece FIVB World Championship and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Here is a list of some of the top five most handsome anime characters of all time:

  • Sasuke from Naruto is a good-looking, charismatic character. His good looks have always made him the centre of attention among female characters in the show. He is confident, purposeful and kind. He has fair skin, black eyes and straight hair that reaches his chin.
  • Kyo Somha from the anime Fruit Basket is a quite loved character among viewers. He has a happy attitude and is always smiling at his friends. He has straight ginger red hair and big eyes that look kindly at other people.
  • Levi Ackerman is one of the most popular anime characters at the moment. He is also known as Captain Levi and he works with the Survey Corps, serving as the squad captain of Special Operations Squad. He is short and has a good physique. He is a calm, quiet person which makes him very mysterious.

Kou Mabuchi from Ao Haru Ride is a popular high school boy with black hair and fair skin. As a kid, he used to look more innocent but with age, he grew up to be handsome and more mature. He is a quiet person and does not laugh a lot, but when he does, he looks lively and welcoming. The girls in his school all have a crush on him. Koutarou Amon is indeed a huge example to follow.

  • Aru Akise from Future Diary is a good looking young man with red eyes, fair skin and silver hair. He is 14 years old and aspires to be a world famous detective. He is intelligent and logical, and despite having diaries that predicted his future, he was able to outsmart them. He is calm and a little reserved with his emotions.

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