Top Features of Elation EMR Software 2022

The standard healthcare (and clinical) information collected about a client can be kept up to date using electronic medical records, or EMR, solutions in healthcare software. By streamlining many of the essential operations for managing your practice, the clinic management platform can help you increase revenue. However, if you are not utilizing specialized EMR solutions for your specialty clinical or medical practice (for example, occupational medicine; or rehab therapy), you may not be undergoing the highest productivity these systems provide, freeing you and your staff to concentrate on offering top-notch healthcare services to your patients. There are many features that can be included in the healthcare system that is used to offer you EMR solutions. In this article, we’ll discuss Elation EMR, a top-notch EHR program. Let’s explore its key characteristics.

Elation EMR Software

For managing daily tasks, doctors and other medical professionals can use Elation, a cloud-based EHR solution. Small and midsize hospitals, primary care clinics, and independent practice centers that make their own EMR decisions should use the solution. The solution offers practice management and billing features in addition to its core EHR capabilities. The web-based solution aids medical professionals in scheduling appointments, documenting patient medical histories, managing billing and insurance reimbursement, and organizing calendars. Let’s move forward and talk about Elation EMR features. However, to know Elation EHR Reviews, please schedule an Elation EHR demo. 

Elation EHR Features

Medical Billing Tools

One of the most crucial components of any EMR solution is integration, which is carried out through interfaces that transfer data between systems in real time and as needed. If your practice is a part of a larger institutional network, a billing system and a hospital information system (HIS) are two typical integration points. You can simplify the billing procedure for your clients by integrating billing.

Elation EMR assists you in increasing the effectiveness of your front office staff and helps you reduce coding errors that can cause payment delays and cost you time and money to fix. Through the integration of the billing solution within the EMR solutions used by your healthcare or clinical practice, Elation EHR enables faster, electronic reimbursements.

Documentation Management

A key component of specialized EMR solutions is a document scanning, which enables you to design custom workflows that are specific to the demands of your clinic. You can give the necessary supporting documentation to your internal or external billing clerks. They will then forward the completed submission for reimbursement using Elation EMR’s document-scanning feature integrated into the EMR solutions. This reduces the possibility of incomplete paperwork or billing delays and nullifies the need to obtain, copy, and fax documents.

Medication Tracking

With Elation EMR’s medication-tracking feature, you can easily keep track of the medications given to your clients and have data at your fingertips. The ability to ascertain whether a prescribed medication interacts with other medications the patient is taking is one of the true benefits of medication tracking. Additionally, it can be a helpful and effective tool for detecting allergic reactions and protecting your patients from any possible negative effects.

Elation EMR’s medication tracking feature can provide you with any cautions that may have been issued regarding a prescribed medication and recommend alternatives that may be just as effective in meeting your patients’ healthcare needs.

Appointment Reminders

You can always stay in touch with your patients if you are digitally connected through email on mobile devices, tablet computers, and laptops. By alerting people of scheduled appointments, Elation EMR’s appointment reminder feature enables you to take benefit of this level of connectivity. Depending on the frequency or amount of advance notice you set within the system, Elation EHR will integrate with your scheduler and send direct messages to patients. Initial appointment reminders, reminders seven days in advance, and reminders 24 hours before the appointment are all options for patients. It has been demonstrated that automating this work will save the clinic a lot of time and reduce the number of missed appointments.

Elation EMR Pricing

Priced at $449 per provider per month for the electronic health record system alone, the Practice Management module is available for just $400 per provider per month. The cost of the entire system (EHR and PM) is $489 per provider per month. To know more about Elation EMR cost plans, please schedule an Elation EMR demo. 

Elation EMR Alternative

Intergy EHR

Intergy EHR software provides ambulatory practices with a user-friendly, customizable EHR and practices management solution that is specialty-focused. Users of Intergy’s tools can take advantage of payer incentives, manage chronic conditions, and succeed in the value-based care industry. The consolidated functionality of the ONC-certified solution simplifies notation, simplifies tasks, and improves workflows.

The Intergy product ecosystem includes fully integrated telehealth, remote client tracking, chronic care management, a client portal, and patient messaging services. Additionally, Greenway Secure Cloud offers EHR and practice management systems access. Greenway offers a marketplace of distributors in addition to its product line that offers additional integrated solutions for the best workflow efficiency. To know Intergy EHR pricing, you can schedule an Intergy EHR demo.


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