Top Five French Journalists and Top 5 Unknown Husbands Of Famous Lady Celebs

Albert Camus

He was the second-youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in history when he received it in 1957 at the age of 44. Camus was born to French parents in Algeria. He was up in a depressed neighbourhood and later attended the University of Algiers to study philosophy. When the Germans invaded France during World War II, he was in Paris. Marion Jolles is also a name one can remember.

Anatole France

He wrote numerous best-selling novels and was a French poet, journalist, and writer. He was regarded in his day as the perfect French man of letters, ironic and sceptic. He was a member of the Académie française and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1921 for his great creative accomplishments, which are distinguished by a noble sense of style, a deep understanding of human suffering, grace, and a temperament that is distinctly Gallic.

Eric Rohmer

He worked as a screenwriter, novelist, screen director, journalist, teacher, and film critic for French films. The final filmmaker of the French New Wave to achieve success after World War II was Rohmer. From 1957 until 1963, he served as the editor of Cahiers du cinema, a prestigious film journal, as several of his contemporaries—among them, Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut—made the switch from being film critics to becoming well-known directors.

Jean Francois Revel

Journalist, author, philosopher, and member of the Académie française since June 1998, Jean Francois Revel was a French national. Revel, who was a socialist in his childhood, subsequently rose to prominence as a proponent of free market principles and classical liberalism in Europe. Revel is best known for his books The Flight from Truth and Without Marx or Jesus: The New American Revolution Has Begun.

Francoise Giroud

France Gourdji, better known by her first name Francoise Giroud, was a French journalist, politician, and writer.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul at least experienced it when he met Lauren Parsekian, the co-founder of the Kind Campaign, at Coachella. He informed her of his intention to wed her that very same evening. Of course, from then the adventure just kept going.

Zoe Saldana

The Italian artist Marco Perego and the actress have never revealed how they first met, but they were married after just three months of dating. She doesn’t mess around, as she explained to Marie Claire: I don’t just window shop,she explains. I lack the necessary time, energy, and attention span for that. I go get a pair of jeans since I need them. I wasn’t going to test it out to see if it worked before I met my husband. No, I sensed it. I followed my gut instinct.

Bruce Willis

Being clumsily hit on by another person is never cool, therefore it’s preferable if you can spare them the shame.Reese Witherspoon was forced into an uncomfortable circumstance and ended up meeting Hollywood agent Jim Toth at a party. She admitted to The Daily Mail that her white knight had saved her. Jordan Bratman is also a name to remember.

Patrick Dempsey 

At 1994, Jillian Fink, a hairstylist and cosmetics artist, and Patrick Dempsey first met in a salon. When Fink noticed the name of the star in her appointment book, she initially thought it was a joke made by one of the other staff members at the salon. Not at all.


Seth Meyers 

Did you know that Seth Meyers’ wife, to quote Neil Patrick Harris, smells like heaven? That tale is real. Who is this exquisite, perfumed beauty, then?Apparently, the late-night show host and the lawyer first crossed paths at Chris Kattan’s wedding, who she was introduced to through her sister, a Saturday Night Live set designer.

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