Top Reasons Why Investing in Modular Homes in Queensland Could Be Your Best Bet

Queensland is one of the most stunning places in Australia. It has some of the best picturesque beaches and miles of beautiful coastal lands. You will fall in love with the breathtaking Daintree Rainforest, where the scenic forest meets the jaw-dropping sea.

The relaxing outdoor spaces are only some of the biggest reasons you must consider moving to Queensland. But while real estate prices in the state are more affordable than the other areas like New South Wales and Victoria, RateCity revealed that the median house prices could range from $333,750 to $1,477,500, depending on the city. So if you want to live in the state without using your savings, investing in modular homes in QLD could be your best option.

If you cannot wait to join the 5.257 million people living in Queensland, investing in modular homes will help you achieve your dreams. Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting modular homes in the state:


One of the primary reasons you must think about getting a modular home in Queensland is its highly affordable price range. According to Architecture and Design, potential homeowners may save 10 to 15% in building costs if they invest in a modular home.

If you plan to buy a modular house in the state, you may expect to spend anywhere from $3,800 to $4,800 per square metre. Of course, property prices will vary depending on the features you plan to include in your house, but it will not be as expensive as the typical stick-built home.

Faster Turnover

Another critical reason investing in modular homes in QLD is becoming a trend is its faster turnaround time. Traditionally, house construction may take around 14 to 20 months before the turnover. But on the other hand, you only need six to seven months to move into your modular home.

Modular home builders construct 80% of the house in their factory, then transport home sections to the construction site. Once it reaches your property, they will finish building the house as fast as 16 weeks. Because of this, you can begin enjoying all the sights and sounds of Queensland as quickly as possible.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient

Most modular construction is eco-friendly. Builders make a point to reduce their waste materials using efficient manufacturing methods. They also ensure that the installation site of your new home is always free from construction waste.

Sustainability and energy efficiency can be possible by using the latest digital technologies in home construction. It begins with the design of the house and then shifts to the production of the room segments using precise design measures. As a result, the builders will waste less energy in the process.

Safety Compliance

Some residential areas in Queensland are located near a bushfire area. If you plan to build your home near these areas, you need a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) to ensure that the builders use appropriate materials and design for the site.

Bushfire resilient modular homes will protect you and your family from a potential disaster. It can reduce the risk of lives lost due to bushfires. It will also help you avoid financial losses because of the bushfire incidents.

Investing in modular homes in Queensland can be your best option if you want to have a home in the state. You only need to find a modular home builder that can provide all your needs for your new property. Then, once you find the right builder, you can start building your dream home in your chosen area.