Vape Juice Buying Guide

Vape juice, also known as e-juice, or e-liquid, refers to a liquid product added to a vape to create the vapor itself. Generally, vape juice has five components: nicotine, water, glycol flavoring, propylene, and vegetable glycerin. If you’re a first-time user of vape juice, you may have no idea which juice to use. Worry not. This article has seven crucial things you should consider when picking out any vape juice.

VG/PG Ratio

The main component in a vape, also called the liquid base, comprises vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). The main difference between these two bases is that PG provides a more pronounced flavor, whereas VG offers a slightly sweeter taste that slightly dampens the flavor. The choice is entirely up to your taste buds. If you are new to e-cigarettes, you may not tell the difference, but you should buy the PG if you want to enjoy vape juice. However, it is crucial to note that many people are allergic to PG. So, if PG is your preferred choice, you should ensure you are not allergic to it.

Look Out for Nicotine Concentration

As a vaper, you can choose your nicotine concentration. It helps you quit your smoking habits and stick to vaping. So, ensure you buy vape juice in the right concentration. Choosing the right nicotine concentration in your vape juice can give you complete control over your nicotine consumption. So, it would help if you stopped worrying about your nicotine addiction. If you end up using your e-cigarette more often than usual, you should try vape juice with a much higher nicotine concentration.

Money Value

For products made from similar materials, their price can vary significantly. The price range reflects the quality of the materials used to make the e-liquid. So, you may be tempted to buy the cheapest e-liquid bottle, but the quality of the material may be much lower. When it comes to e-cigarettes and your health, quality and safety should be something you must consider.

Also, you should not overpay for anything that does not provide the services as per the amount of money it costs you. Buying juice from a genuine supplier can avoid this mess. This is important because it assures you that the e-juice they provide is of high quality and will not affect your device.


Naturally, different flavors could be confusing, and you can end up purchasing a flavor that doesn’t fit you. A little research may be necessary to ensure that this does not happen. Ask around and if you have a friend who uses an e-cigarette, then pay attention to everything they say.

Pod Safety

Different types of vape juice have different effects on pods. So, it is important to do comprehensive research on the pods to use, not just the juice you want to buy. This will help keep your device safe from the damage the juice can do to it. You could buy disposable pods. These pods require no charging or refilling. Each pod contains 300-500 different flavored puffs. All you need to do is unpack, inhale, then dispose of.

Where and Who You Are Buying From

Finding a good e-cigarette store is like finding the perfect hairdresser or barber. When you find the right person, you’re ready to stick with them. Because the conversation about e-cigarette safety is critical, it’s essential to have an e-cigarette seller you know and trust.

Why is this important? Often vape stores and trusted online stores have loyalty programs and offers. These encourage you to come back and keep using their products. Such loyalty programs and offers become punch cards every time you spend a lot of money, or you could receive a discount on your next purchase if you tell a friend about the store.

Mixing Flavors

Some people like to experiment with vape juice. You can mix flavors if you want to try new combinations that aren’t always available and see whether you will like them. However, if you decide to experiment with e-liquids, you should test them first. This means mixing small amounts and seeing how they turn out,


With the information in this article; you can now comfortably find the vape juice that suits you. However, take note that excessive nicotine consumption poses a danger to your health.

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