What Is Leadership Explained With Examples?

Companies evolve over time as the pace of change in business increases. No matter how the corporate environment changes, organizations need leaders with the ability to guide people, manage change, identify new possibilities, and create strategies for achieving the desired goals. 

When it comes to understanding the dynamics of leadership, the best strategy is with examples. It gives us an actual understanding of the real-life scenario. Here in this article, we have gathered all about leadership with examples. Read further to know more about the same. 

What Is Leadership?

Leadership captures the fundamentals of the ability and willingness to inspire others. Effective leadership is based on both original and borrowed ideas that are effectively communicated to others in a sufficient way to make them act in the way the leader wants them to.

Leaders inspire others to act and, at the same time, shape the way others act. They must be personable enough to allow others to follow their orders and possess the critical thinking skills to know how to make the most of the resources at the organization’s disposal.

What Are The Famous Examples of Leadership? 

Anyone can allocate tasks from a corner office, but good leadership involves more than that. Effective leaders have a significant impact on the overall performance of their organization in addition to the team members they oversee. These are some examples of good leaders.

Jack Welch 

  • From 1981 through 2001, Jack Welch demonstrated leadership as General Electric Co.’s CEO. At the time of his retirement, GE’s market value had climbed from $12 billion to $505 billion as a result of 600 acquisitions in emerging economies. 
  • Welch emphasized that everyone at GE accepted change because the world is continuously changing. Managers and employees have to continually reinvent themselves and their roles in order to keep the company’s processes developing and delivering more output.
  • Welch chose managers who were enthusiastic, shared his vision for GE, and knew how to keep staff members interested in their work. He sought out managers who generated, honed, and improved future-oriented concepts and worked to make them a reality. In order to comprehend what employees were doing and why he also insisted that supervisors work side by side with them.
  • Because of Welch’s management approach, managers and staff had greater autonomy, the goods were of higher quality, and customer satisfaction and earnings skyrocketed.

Virat Kohli

  • The best example of leadership is Virat Kohli, a West Delhi native who has excelled as both a player and the captain of the esteemed Indian National Cricket Team.
  • Making appropriate communication is the essence of leadership, and Kohli is the best at it. He has the fundamental capacity to maintain composure in the most stressful situations, a mindset of winning every game, and a vision for the Indian team, which provides him with an advantage over everyone else.
  • He is a born leader who is motivated by his own excellence and a hard, unyielding work ethic. The much-discussed yo-yo test results from the past, which ended the careers of a few accomplished individuals, are proof of this.
  • Defending team members is one of a leader’s most important responsibilities. On the playing fields of commerce, politics, or conflict, this is true. Not only did Virat Kohli steadfastly defend Mohammed Shami from the online bullies who hurled derogatory racial epithets at the bowler during India’s T20 World Cup loss to Pakistan, but he also made it clear that racists are not welcome to support the Indian cricket team.


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