What Movers Want You To Know

Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria and the country’s most populated and second-largest metropolis. In 2022, Melbourne’s metropolitan population was 5,151,000, up 1.78 per cent from 2021, when 46 per cent of residents used professional packers and movers to relocate. This can help you avoid problems during your move and protect the safety of your valuables.

Movers in Melbourne are believed to be driven by 73% of residential items and 20% of office equipment. When the movers arrive at your house on the day of your move, they may ask you to do specific crucial tasks that you haven’t completed. It’s possible that what a mover wants you to know isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s important to remember to make things smoother and safer for everyone.

So this article explains to you what you should know before a mover knocks on your door.

Allow them to go about their business.

What is the most effective way for you to assist your Movers in Melbourne? Allow them to carry out their duties. You may believe you know how to handle everything flawlessly, but there’s a reason you hired a full-service mover in the first place. Set them aside since they are trained specialists who have moved a lot of sofas, boxes, and delicate objects! They are less stressed and subjected to less supervision.

Only the owner needs to relocate valuables.

One thing movers want you to know, and one thing you should tell them, is to always keep valuables with you. Cash, credit cards, important papers, jewellery, tiny and pricey devices, prescription medicines, family heirlooms, and other items should never have the moving company during the relocation. The risks are never worth it; thus, it’s your obligation to convey your essential goods, no matter how reputable, respectable, and honest the mover is. If you have costly objects that are too heavy or huge to cover yourself, it is preferable to seek additional insurance and have a team of experts ensure them.

Always help the mover label the package properly.

If your mover claims to be a psychic, they are most likely not your mover. As a result, if anything is delicate or requires sensitive handling, inform them. You need to know it clearly and ahead of time, so write it down, mark it on a piece of paper, say it out loud, and do it now, not later.

Drawers, closets, and workstations should all be empty.

The things are not only heavier for the mover, but there is also the chance of drawers sliding and content migrating. Consequently, most Movers in Melbourne avoid touching furniture or file cabinets that still have items. For the convenience of packing, some packing experts advise leaving everything in the drawer. This will work if the drawer’s contents can be covered in plastic and fastened.

Don’t run away from the mover.

They won’t leave them alone, so you’ll have to stay away from them. Don’t try even to attempt to micromanage them. Be near enough for them to find you if they need you. According to moving etiquette, if you need to leave the house for a short time, you should stay close to your home and let the mover know where to locate you.


When you’ve done your research well and hired one of the top-rated movers in Melbourne, the best thing you can do is let them do their job the way only they know how to do it.

Your movers won’t be thrilled if you try to control what they do and monitor each action of theirs.