Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter: Do’s and Don’ts to Follow 

It is not an easy task to exit a timeshare contract. Silver-tongued sales personals will try their best to keep you bound within the contract while you try to cancel the contract.   

The bad news is that exiting a Timeshare contract can be considered an Olympic-level durability sport, and it may take some time. Yes, it’s possible, but it may take time. However, it is viable to exit your timeshare contract without having to pay any fees or follow rigid schedules. Once you set yourself free of the contract, it will be possible for you to travel whenever you want and wherever you want.   

First things first! You can initiate the timeshare cancellation procedure by writing a cancellation letter to a timeshare company. You can also use the help of a timeshare cancelation company to write a strong letter. But you must check the reviews of timeshare exit companies before you hire one. It will allow you to hire the best one for them. 

The Do’s of Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter  

Remember that every small detail is crucial to add to while writing a timeshare cancelation letter. This section will teach you the do’s you must remember while writing a timeshare cancellation letter. Look at a few guidelines while writing a timeshare cancellation letter to the company. 

Send Your Cancellation Letter through Mail  

You should type the timeshare cancelation letter with the help of a timeshare cancelation company, get it in printed form, and send it to your timeshare contract developer. But before hiring a timeshare cancelation company, you must confirm the reviews of timeshare exit companies to verify their legitimacy. 

Everything you’ll need is a folder in which you will maintain your timeshare cancellation documents, along with their duplicate copies, uniformly. You can’t rely on a digital channel. In addition, you should use the certified mailing address for your correspondence. Misplacement of a mail would allow them to argue with you, buy some time, and delay the cancelation process. Thus, it will cause you a lot of inconvenience.  

Include the Timeshare Cancellation Request Clearly  

When writing a timeshare cancelation letter, it is crucial to clear the message explicitly. You do not need to sound rude, but you must also sound firm. Your subject section in the letter must clearly state your intention to write the timeshare cancellation letter. You must not beat the bush or include too much fluff. Mention that you want to cancel your timeshare contract quickly.  

Ensure to List all Crucial Details  

It would help if you always remembered that the company representative receiving your cancelation letter is a legit employee to ensure that you do not go in the wrong direction with your timeshare cancelation strategy. So, for your appeal to continue the cancelation process, you must make sure that you incorporate all the crucial details. If you fail to comprise key information, they’ll try to delay the cancelation process.  

The Don’t of Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter  

Canceling a timeshare contract isn’t an easy task to execute. For many people, it is no less than playing an Olympic-level game. This section lets you know what you need not do while writing a timeshare cancelation letter.  

Don’t Get Emotional or Long-Winded  

It is not unusual to get irritated with your timeshare agreement. If you are one of the 53 percent of timeshare owners who annually spend 10,000 USD or even more on their agreement, you might get frustrated if things don’t go right. However, you must make sure that your communication skills are highly effective and don’t take a hit. You must remain as focused and firm as you can during this process. 

Don’t Use Hesitant or Passive Language  

It would help if you used active language while writing your cancelation letter. It sounds more indicative and confident to the company representative reading your letter that you are intentional about the cancelation process. It is never advised to be aggressive or mean when writing a letter. Instead, it would help if you tried to be as direct as possible. This will reduce the timeshare cancelation process and greatly decrease the risk of adding unnecessary details.

Don’t Try to Do it Alone  

In this section, do not count upon yourself only and take professional assistance. It would help if you connected with industry professionals who know the scrapping schemes of timeshare representatives. A great timeshare exit company will assist you in exiting the timeshare contract and remain ahead of those representatives as the process flows. Thus, please don’t allow them to benefit from any opportunity; come by all the crucial details straight.  

Wrapping Up  

Several timeshare owners find themselves frustrated with their purchasing decision and start looking for a way of exiting their timeshare contracts. If you are confused about how to exit the timeshare contract, we have explained above some crucial dos and don’ts you should follow while writing a timeshare cancelation letter.