Your Guide to Picking the Best Location for Your Wedding!

Every element of your wedding is up to you, but there’s one aspect you can’t go without, i.e., a location. You can forego the flowers, the dress, or even the wedding cake, but you can’t miss the venue. After all, you’ll need a place to host where your loved ones can rejoice with you.

However, locating the ideal location isn’t always straightforward and easy. Meanwhile, there are choices to help you pick from when it comes to finding the perfect place for your big day, and it’s hard to know where to begin. So, here are some tips to help you pick the country wedding venues for your wedding:

First, Consult a Planner!

Yes, this is very important before you begin searching for a wedding venue. When it comes to transforming a room, planners are more familiar with the possibilities of a space. Meanwhile, make sure the planner is aware of all the venue’s features that could complicate the execution of your idea.

Decide on a Location That Is in Harmony With Your Goals

When looking for a location, make sure it matches your vision. Consider art galleries, well-designed eateries, or warehouse spaces if you’re having a contemporary wedding. However, if a rustic feel is preferred, consider holding your wedding in a park, garden, or perhaps a ranch. And when you select a location for your wedding that complements (and even enhances) your theme, your guests will have a better sense of contentment.

Know Who’s Coming to Dinner

If you know how many visitors you’re expecting before you start looking for, say, country wedding venues, you’ll avoid hassle and sorrow later. It’s possible to run into problems if you select a venue too small for the guest list and many attendees say “yes.” The number of guests you’ll be inviting (or the number of guests your parents want to include) is typically underestimated by couples, so have that discussion early on so that you know what you’re truly working with. This will also allow you to break down the budget, as some expenditures rely on the visitors you’re inviting.

Remember Your Finances

It’s more than just the rental price because venues with in-house food (like hotels) charge by the plate. Additionally, the expense of the interior design and flowers will rise. So, know the entire cost of your project and how much it will cost to implement your plan. Spend more money on vendors who are more important to you by dividing your overall budget into different categories. And with a dozen additional people to hire, staying within your budget is an uphill battle if you select the venue first and then discover it costs more than expected.

Think About What’s Included

It’s important to compare prices between full-service locations and those where you may bring your own caterers and decorations. In the meantime, while a place that comes with its own set of tables, chairs, or linens may be less expensive, they may not always be according to your taste. Hence, you should acquire an estimate from the rental firms to see how they compare.

In addition, keep in mind that the included rental goods will generally be basic (white linens, basic flatware, banquet chairs, and so on), so you may still have to pay more to hire items that better match your vision.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

The popularity of Pinterest weddings has led to an increase in the number of couples basing their venue selections on the aesthetics of a wedding they saw on the website. And as a pair, it’s crucial to ask yourself what feels right for you and your partner and choose a space that reflects your individuality. The location may have looked beautiful with another theme or decorations, but it may not be the proper canvas for yours.